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We feel a wedding cake should be made to be as unique as the couple getting married. You may choose from a variety of traditional cake flavors and fillings or use something far from original such as cheesecake. You can also dream up your own combination! We make all of our own cakes and customize them to your satisfaction. Let us make your cake the beautiful centerpiece of your dreams. Prices start at $3.00 for traditional wedding cakes and $1.50 for cupcakes. 
We Have so much fun making our delicious cakes. Below is a list of our own favorite flavor combinations. You can enjoy one of these or present one of your own combinations. As you can probably tell, we love baking with liqueurs. We do this because we feel as though the flavors of these liqueurs have a more pungent and truer flavor than extracts. Both contain low percent of alcohol. if you prefer to have a cake with only extract and no liqueurs we can do this as well with some of the flavors. But some like Bailey's and Kahlua have no imitation extract that comes close to original flavor.
Our Cakes have the best flavor of any in the State. Always fresh and never frozen is only one of the applications we use to archive our wonderful flavors. Look below and select the flavor or flavors that suit you best and during your consultation we will discuss the perfect cake for your event!

Black & White Tuxedo: Chocolate cake with ganache filling covered in white chocolate buttercream frosting

Irish Pineapple: White cake with pineapple filling and a Bailey's buttercream 

 Irish Coffee: Chocolate Cake with a mocha filling and Bailey's buttercream

Piña Colada: Coconut cake with pineapple filling and whipped cream icing covered in coconut

Mistletoe: Coconut cake with a fresh cranberry filling and covered in whipped topping & fresh coconut 

Cranberry Harvest: White cake with a fresh cranberry filling and a white chocolate buttercream 

Traditionally Cherished: White cake with raspberry filling and white buttercream frosty

French Toast: Butter cake with a Rum Chata filling and cream cheese buttercream icing

Irish Garnet: Red velvet Cake with Bailey's filling and cream cheese buttercream 

Strawberry keys: Strawberry cake with a key lime filling with a cream cheese buttercream 

Chocolate Cherished: Chocolate cherry cake with a chocolate ganache filling & white buttercream

Lavender Fields: White Cake with a lemon filling and lavender buttercream 

Autumn leaves: Pumpking cake with a Rum Chata filling and Rum Chata liqueur buttercream sprinkled with with cinnamon sugar

The Mocha Nut: Pistachio Cake with Khalua filling with white chocolate buttercream frosting 

Godiva Chocolate Cake

Don't Go Bacon My Heart:

Summer Time Dream

French Martini

Summer Breeze

Twisted Sister


Cake Flavors:




Red Velvet


Fresh Coconut





Pink Champagne

Pink Lemonade

Cheesecake (Assorted Flavors)












Gran Marnier



White Buttercream

Bailey's Irish Crème Buttercream

White Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate Buttercream

Cream Cheese





Swiss Meringue Buttercream

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