Rosa Mae's Catering

 Voted the Southern Triad's Best Caterer by the High Point Enterprise Readers 

Meet the Owner

Welcome to Rosa Mae's Catering.  My name is Beth Davis and I am the owner and operator of the business.  My husband Jim and I started Rosa Mae's Cafe in 1995.  It was originally located in downtown High Point when my oldest daughter Carissa Rose (on the far right) was 3 1/2 years old and my youngest daughter, Melina Mae (on the far left)  was 15 months.  With the business being located in the middle of the furniture capital of the world it quickly became obvious that catering was a must so shortly after opening I began the catering  side of our business while Jim continued to oversee the restaurant.  These  options seemed completely natural to us, as Jim, with his Greek heritage had been raised in the restaurant business, and I had already began decorating cakes and I was quite good with design.  In 2004 with the growth of both businesses we relocated the cafe to Thomasville, and the catering business stayed in the building the restaurant originated in. 
I must say catering is my passion.  I love every aspect of it.  I started decorating cakes 18 years ago right after Melina was born.  I am way too particular about the way they should be decorated and I was never satisfied with the flavor.  Way too often they tasted like freezer and you could see cake through the icing.  My theory is if you don't like the way something is done then learn to do it better yourself, which is exactly what I did.  The flavor was never a problem for me as I grew up in the country and we pretty much had cakes every Sunday after lunch.  It's those same church cookbooks that I often use for many of my recipes.   I don't have to worry about the freezer taste, because I never freeze cakes.  I don't even have a freezer in the cake kitchen.    As far as the rest of the catering it fell in line with my business ethics.  Show up early, use quality equipment , don't cut corners and set it up as though you were doing it for yourself.  I started with market catering and it grew from there.  I knew visually what I would want a reception to look like,  and I make it happen.   I still often visualize a reception now, while sitting down talking to brides.  The style, the color and the overall vibe often come through from the initial consultation. 
We are both quite proud of our accomplishment of being able to withstand the storm of the economic downturn and of both of our children.  Both girls are currently in college, Carissa is at North  Carolina State University studying accounting and Melina is at UNC-G studying Sociology.   It seems quite amazing to me that it probably won't be much longer and we will be planning  the weddings of our children.  It is something I think of quite often, especially when my brides come in fresh out of college.  I think of how I would want someone to treat them if they were the ones sitting across the table from me at a consultation and how I would want someone to take care of the many details that never crossed their minds.    I would also want someone to be honest with them and tell them the truth, not to just try to sell them the biggest package they had, but the one that suited their needs the best.  I also carry those thoughts with me throughout the entire process, while decorating the cake, setting up the reception, and Jim cooking the food....would it be good enough if it were for my child!  Our brides do believe it has been, enough so they have mailed us thank you cards.  They sit in a large green scrapbook on our front table in the catering showroom.   When you come in for your consultation please take the time to look through the book and see what our brides have to say.  It means the world to us to come so highly recommended, because we do care deeply about our clients, and the work and effort we put into each event.  We put our heart and soul into our work, so much so we have put their names on it!